Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I love the web, what an amazing source of information that is available at our fingertips. In my youth it was all about encyclopedias, now it's a tap of a few buttons and "Voila". I recently was reading through a friends Facebook timeline and just loved her status update : I am painting a blue square in my backyard so Google Earth thinks we have a pool! Nothing like a good status update to have a good laugh at.

As mentioned in my previous posting, I am new to Australia, so in order for me to remain sane, I am constantly thinking of new things to create. My jewellery is my good old trusty favourite, one that I can turn to when all other crafts fail. I can create the pieces I want to and know that most times they turn out exactly the way I planned...why? because I am passionate about beads. Find what craft makes you tick and get creating.

 Recently, I purchased a new sewing machine, my Brother cs6000i and I can honestly say its the best machine I have ever owned. I was determined to learn the art of appliqué and with the help of the web and the many blogs I have read, particularly craftygemini.blogspot.com.au, I was able to successfully sew up a few outfits for my little girl...and some matching pjs for my big girl.  Not perfect but this is the first time I have sewn clothing.

So if you ever feel inspired to want to create, use google and YouTube to search for hints and tips, I did!

So back to the reason why I am writing this post...I have the privilege of being featured on Jills blog to share my craft with their readers who will hopefully become mine too...you see there is no better way to get traffic to your website than advertising and what a great way to start. Thank you Jill

The success of my craft or yours for that matter depends on how much traffic you can drive towards your site. A potential buyer is out there just waiting for direction...I have sold two pieces already on my madeit.com online store however this has taken time. I have had 250 hits on my site, so just be patient. I know selling online is not easy, people want to touch and feel. Positive ratings or feedback is very important as potential buyers want to know that they are buying from a trustworthy seller. Be open, be honest and be a good communicator. Have detailed descriptions and plenty of pictures. Etsy.com or madeit.com.au are excellent market places for you to sell your wares.

I can't measure my success in monetary terms yet. My success comes from my love of creating the unique piece of jewellery and then when the product does get purchased, knowing that the person wearing the jewellery is loving it too. 

I love what I do and I do what I love, you should too.

ps .... I have posted my absolute favourite chocolate cake recipe in a previous post...give it a try, it is delicious....click here

xx Shelley

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  1. It is amazing that when one puts their creative minds to work what one can achieve. For someone who has never sewn clothes before, these items are proof of that.

    I believe every human being has a creative gene in their body and it's just a matter of finding out what it is....once you find your passion, nothing will stand in your way.....good luck and well done..... Sue