Saturday, 10 March 2012

And so it began....

I moved to Melbourne a little over three months ago from South Africa. I had never visited Australia but I hadn't visited England either and we moved there in 2000. So would this be so different from that...and yes it was. I moved to England with two small kids, ie no schools to worry about etc but our move to Aussie was so much more. I had to find new schools, places to buy uniforms, stationery, a ballet school, a piano teacher, a mothers group, a church, a shop to purchase pointe shoes and dancing supplies and boy was this a task in itself...but here I am three months down the line. Children loving their respective schools, baby adjusted from the jet lag ( waking at night and sleeping during the day), car fitted with a satellite navigational device...a must for a first timer to Australia.

Now that the family is settled, I needed to find me again...it's quiet during the day, older children are at school and hubby is at work and with baby in tow, I can't venture too far. So out came my beading supplies and it felt so good to be running my fingers through these magical little gems...oh how I missed them. They had been en transit for over two months and then with settling in, they were pushed to the back burner. They are now out again in full glory and waiting to be constructed into a design.

I left many customers behind in South Africa so time to start finding new ones. I began searching online for markets and came across eBay. It didn't seem like the right place for my crafts but I tried it anyway. I must say eBay is great for many things but I know that from my experience, people look for a bargain on eBay. My material costs don't allow me to sell my pieces for 99c so I hit the Internet again, this time I discovered Etsy.com.What a little treasure. Just browsing through the sellers stores kept me up til the wee hours of the morning. I regretted it the next day especially when bubba had kept me awake for most of the night. What a great site and well done to all those clever esty sellers out there. If I could create half the things on there, I would feel like a cat with a bowl of cream....darn lucky. I started my shop, small with a few of my designs.


its a start... But then.... I discovered Australia has a site just like it ....Australia...you beauty!!!


and again full of designers that are closer to me. What a talented island this is! So my little shop has opened ...


I have a few designs listed but this is only the beginning...watch this space as I explore ways in which to promote my little virtual shop and grow it into a fun little business. Something to surely keep me out of mischief... So as they say...watch this space and please watch my others too...check out my website too


Soon I hope to have my own domain name but for now this will suffice.

Have a great day
xx Shelley

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